Health Benefits of Sparkling Mineral Water

Health Benefits of Sparkling Mineral Water

The normal drinking water that we drink possesses some surprising and unexpected health benefits. It may be hard for you to believe that, but mineral water is an essential mix of minerals like magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium. Mineral water posses differentiating qualities to boiled water and tap water as it improves the overall health and skin condition if consumed regularly. Human body is made up of certain minerals that are considered fundamental for the proper growth and performance of human brain and body. A deficiency of these minerals can cause certain health problems. So, still wondering why you should opt for mineral water?

Here are the following amazing health benefits of mineral water which backs its consumption in ample amounts.

1. Promotes Bone Health: Mineral water is rich in calcium. Calcium is the most important mineral involved in bone formation. Hence, daily consumption of mineral water supplements the calcium requirements in the body. It strengthens human bones, teeth and even nails against damage.

2. Regulates Body Fat: Mineral water is an essential fat-free supplement that offers a good amount of fat metabolising minerals. Mineral water makes you slimmer and leaner, thereby helping you shape your body. It is any day a better choice over aerated drinks and soda. Regular consumption supports weight management.

3. Blood Pressure Management: Fluctuating levels of blood pressure can be kept in control with the regular consumption of water. It comprises of magnesium and calcium. The electrolytic process of the human brain and body is activated by these minerals which is essential for the maintenance of blood pressure in humans.

4. Reduces Cardiac Diseases: Mineral water keeps the body metabolism intact which has the power to reduce fat from the human body. Healthy metabolism ensures that the production of bad cholesterol is in control. Bad cholesterol if deposited in the adipose tissues and in and around the blood capillaries hampers the blood circulation and narrows the openings of capillaries. The narrowing of blood carriers increases the flow of blood and thereby increases the risk of heart attacks in heart patients.

5. Reduces Acids: Mineral water contains sulphates. Sulphates are catalysts that induce production of digestive enzymes like lipase and amylase. These enzymes if secreted in appropriate quantities cure the problems like bloating and constipation. Also, nullifies the problem of acidity.

6. Increases Physical Alertness: Mineral water is a mixture of different minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. These minerals are essential and helpful for proper growth and functioning of human muscles. Mineral water consumption increases the response rate of muscles. They become more supportive to contraction and expansion.

7. Increases Mental Alertness: Potassium is essential ingredient of mineral water; it is also called as a memory charging mineral. Potassium is an active constituent of the electrolyte present in brain. Hence, mineral water is a good option to increase mental alertness and reduce mental fatigue and lethargy.

8. Increases Skin’s lustre: Mineral water contains skin friendly silica particles. Silica is considered as a natural secret for beautiful skin. It triggers the creation of collagen in human skin which leads to reduced wrinkles, dark spots and dullness. It makes the skin-blemish free, moist, supple and glow.

9. Eases Arthritis: It also serves as a remedy for inflammation and pain caused due to arthritis. The anti-inflammatory benefits of mineral water help reduce swelling in joints.

10. Makes Hair Stronger: Hair adds to the beauty of a person. Pollution and sun largely ruin the hair quality. Mineral water possesses the detoxifying properties that help in restoration of lost strength and sheen of hair. It does so by restoring the normal PH level of the scalp from within. Mineral water is rich in oxygen and it increases its supply to the brain as well. This enhances the hair texture and grant strength to each hair strand against damage caused.

If not consuming mineral water yet, contact a mineral water supplier and reap the amazing benefits.


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