One King Mineral Water (Sachet) is packaged in 500ml polyethylene plastic bags which are
heat-sealed on either end. It is a fast-growing source of drinking water in Ghana.
Known on the street as “Pure Water”, the water packaged in sachets are considered to be safe,
hygienic and affordable. Our sachet water is made up of thirty (30) individual sachets packed in
a big bag with the company’s inscription for easy identification. This product is mostly
consumed by low and middle-income earners to substitute the bottled water, the perception is
that sachet water is of higher quality than tap water, and less expensive than the bottled water.

Notably, One King Mineral Water (Sachet) is of the same quality as the bottled water. We give
our customers the same opportunity to enjoy hygienic water.
One King Mineral Water (Sachet) is produced under the authority of Ghana’s Food and Drugs
Board, which has been keen to promote the proper disposal of the plastic sachets. This is because
discarded sachet bags pose serious environmental risks.

One King Mineral Water – Taste of Royalty