One King Mineral Water is another product line for One King Logistics. After the production
and the launching of One King Mineral Sachet Water for its specific market, One King
Logistics also targeted another group of market with its bottled water. According to further
laboratory research, it has been established that both the sachet water, and the bottled water are
of the same quality. The bottled water comes in several sizes ranging from 330ml, 500ml,
750ml, and the 1500ml.
There are several bottled water companies in Ghana, but One King Mineral Bottled Water has
officially been marked as the first water factory originally in Takoradi to produce premium
tasting bottled water to compete with the major competitors in Ghana to be precise Accra, and
One King Logistics designed several marketing tools to compete and sustain this competitive
One King Mineral Bottled Water combines the process of reverse osmosis filtration with a
proprietary blend of minerals to create fresh, clean, and premium tasting water that is pure and
delicious. The water is full of nutrition which gives the body enough energy to function. Get the
most out of every day with the pure, crisp taste of One King Mineral Bottled Water.
The plastic bottle used to produce One King Mineral Bottled Water is of a higher quality. The
bottle design, and shape are extraordinary, which makes it stands out among other products. One
King Mineral Bottled Water is tested, and weighed continuously to make sure consumers are
getting exactly what they are paying for.
One King Mineral Water – Taste of Royalty