One King Mineral Water also supply both raw water, and purified water in various tank sizes.
The demand for the bulk purified water in Ghana, has been as a result of the water shortage by
the Ghana Water Company.
Some communities do not even have access to the tap water produced by the government in the
country due to the higher demand, causing them to purchase purified drinking water from One
King Mineral Water, but this time not in bottles, or sachet but in higher quantities of 10,000
Liters and even more.
Others also purchase our raw water in bulk quantity for construction works, farming, as well as
domestic use etc.
One King Mineral Water in storage tanks are of the same quality as the Bottled, and Sachet
water. We give our customers the same opportunity to enjoy hygienic water at all costs.
The raw water which is extracted several feet underneath the ground is half-way treated by One
King Mineral Water. The raw water is not recommended for drinking, but it can be use in the
various homes with no health implications. Its affordable, convenient, and quality kind of water.

One King Mineral Water – Taste of Royalty