Shasha Marley

Shasha Marley is a Ghanaian reggae singer. He has been in the music industry since his teenage days. He is famous for hit songs such as Seek Ye Good and Not Evil, Maata Family, I’m Not Ashamed of the Gospel, Evil Spirits Walk Away, Promised Land, Enemies Are not Jah, and his current single Gloria Akuffo.

Shasha is also referred to as a monk on the loose due to his stage monk-like outfit. His attire is credited to the Franciscan Friars. The singer finds St. Francis of Assisi a true inspiration. He has been in the music industry for quite a while and earned a huge fan base.

Shasha knowing the importance of Premium Quality Water accepted to become the first Ambassador of One King Mineral Water, a new water factory located in Takoradi in the Western Region. Shasha’s desire is to ensure that every human being on this planet drinks Premium Quality Water which is provided by One King Mineral Water. 

As part of the Ambassadorial Deal, Shasha Marley wants his revenue generated from this contract to be used to provide boreholes and subsidies drinking water in rural areas with no access or limited access to water in Ghana.